So these past few days I’ve been contemplating whether or not I like you. And I’ve perceived that I don’t. I like the idea. I want to fix people Because I’m broken. And Under all pretenses you fall into the category of fix-able. And my indecency to you isn’t fair. I’m not better than you, I’ve just been presented with a different sequence of life choices. Whether or not you brought them upon yourself is something different entirely. I pride myself on everyone else having the idea that I have all my shit in order, when I honestly don’t know how I make it through a day. I feel safe around you because you’ve screwed up. Because I could lose all the things I’ve worked so hard for and you’d still understand my worth. When you come from something your everything is nothing. I see so much in you. And to all the people who let you live way under par, understand that self realization is the key to relinquish sins. If this doesn’t make sense, it’s probably you haven’t taken the time to actually think and feel words, actually feel words; that are deeper than the number of bars your on, or your temporary bliss when your selling drugs. I see so much in you. I want to watch you become a man because I promise, that satisfaction will trump your dope boy life style, you just haven’t tasted it yet.